Practice Mixes

Hard House/ Hard Trance Practice Mix #4

Hey Everyone,

I got a new mix for you. I just picked up some new tracks so I tossed those in the mix. While I was playing I was pretty happy with the mix. I am sure there will be some hefty mistakes next time I listen to it. But, hey, that is what practice is for.

Here is the Track List for this weeks mix

  • Finally – Miss Adrenaline
  • Fly Away – Kirk P
  • The Day Will Come (Steven Hill vs. K-Series Bootleg Mix) – Rob Tissera
  • Down Time – Mavrik
  • A Feeling (Alf Graham Remix) – Starman
  • D.N.A. – Hard Jeli
  • Cuttin’ Class – Sean Inside Out
  • Morning Star – Damien Blanes
  • Mind Bender (Wayne Smart Remix) – Dynamic INtervention W/ Chris C

Thanks for stopping by and taking a listen,

The Inconceivable Dread Pirate Rabbits