Practice Mixes

Hard House / Hard Trance Practice Mix #3


Welcome once again to my practice mix. This one feels pretty good on first play. I hope you enjoy it, and enjoy my progress.

Track List

  • Antimatter – Will Shepherd W/ Lee Mills
  • Lession One (Original Mix) – Drake Liddell
  • Harley Funk (Do That Thang) – GSR
  • Burn Baby (Orginal Mix) – Goldie
  • Katatome (Defective Audio Mix) Costa Pantazis
  • Dream Master – Valex
  • Eat Me – Scott Genetik/JimBean
  • Bring It On – Danny Clark
  • Morning Star – Damien Blanes
  • Finally Miss – Miss Adrenaline

Thank for listenting,
The Inconcivable Dread Pirate Rabbits