The DJ known as Dread Pirate Rabbits is a House DJ hailing from Portland, Oregon. He started DJing in the late 90’s with growing underground EDM scene. At that time going by Sir Eel, DPR, would spin Hard House Kicks with a UK Bent. After A while life does what life does and DPR had to take a break from being behind the decks. In early 2019 he permanently hung up his vinyl, but jumped back into the pool with CDJ/XDJ decks and is taking to having his record crate carried with him digitally like a fish to water. His smooth transitions show that experience and history with beat matching on vinyl, his live re-mixes and mashups shows the new tricks he has learnt since hoping behind his Pioneer controllers. While appearing at the dance party DJ for several local nerdy events the best way to catch him is with his die hard fans on his twice a week Twitch stream where he DJs to Classic movies. Classic Films and House Music has been called “MST-3k with Dance Music” and the current schedule is every Sunday and Thursday night on his twitch channel.

Dread Pirate Rabbits is ready to rock the dance floor so for booking information feel free to email him at dpr@dreadpiraterabbits.com, through the contact form, or on Twitter